What I learnt at karate

It was a plain day when our dad dropped us at the dojo.

We took off our shoes and socks, bowed and entered.

I always think exercising in a dojo is exhausting. Some exercises are ten push ups (pretty hard), improving our splits(very hard,I can’t get my  knee straight) and touching our toes (pretty easy).  Sometimes we get into separate groups to practice. We do the Kata sometimes or practice the five fighting tecqniqes or simple kicks and blocks.

At the very end of the class we do sparring.  Sparring is practicing on each other but not actually hitting or kicking so the others that you are sparring with do not get injured. We are only supposed to to stop just before the face or stomach. Everyone who I spar with keeps on reminding me when you block a  punch or kick do the same back at your partner(whoever you are sparring with).

Just remember that at every karate class you go to try your best at everything you do, or you will not get anywhere in leaning karate.

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