My White Belt

I got my white belt today, and my uniform. Today I reckon you should remember these sentences.

–         Every black belt was once a white belt

–         Always think of yourself as a higher belt so that you can become a higher belt faster

–         A true winner (you) never ever gives up

–         Remember to stretch everyday!

–         If you make a mistake, its ok, everyone thinks of themselves instead of you.

–         Think of yourself a higher belt and act like that.

–         Practice, even if you have a reason not to. Don’t let little reasons stop you!

–         And, don’t stop believing!

I pay as much attention in class as I can now. I just keep thinking of all those people that have been beaten up and killed because they didn’t know what to do when someone came along and knocked them out.

I keep thinking that karate might be the difference between life and death, and I might be saving a friend too. Anyway, all I am trying to say is train hard and take everything your sensei says seriously, unless your sensei is a joker or something.

Try your hardest and make punches powerful and NEVER straighten your elbow while punching or chopping, you can break your elbow, same with the knees.

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3 Responses to My White Belt

  1. Zachary says:

    Your first sentence sounds familiar, but I’ve heard it as this:

    “A black belt is a white belt that never gave up.”

    Another one I’ve heard (NOT at the dojo I train) is:

    “Train hard, fight easy.”

    Not sure if it’s accurate, and karateka don’t fight, we defend. Regardless, still a catchy saying.

    • natasha says:

      That is very good advice Zachary and our Sensei says the same thing about nothing can be straight in your body.
      I don’t think my Sensei is a joker but he laughs a lot(I think it is good to laugh sometimes).
      I will remember all of your sentences and thank you!!

  2. Riana says:

    I would agree 3 years would be the absolute mnuimim even if with a very high ability. It’s not just ability that carries you through you obtain an increasing level of understanding that can only come with time. Think of karate as a lifetime process of improvement. Although the black belt for most is the goal that’s probably around the point that you really start to understand. It’s a bit like driving you can learn what to do but you only really learn to drive once you have passed your test. Although once you have learnt a technique you think you know it your knowledge of it becomes deeper and probably a couple of years into your training you will start to realise just how much you don’t know. Good Luck with your training. Keep an open mind Get facinated not frustrated.

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