My First Karate Lesson

It was a cool Wednesday evening when my dad dropped me and my older sister at the karate school hall (dojo).

The sensei greeted us and told us what we needed to do every time before we entered the dojo.

In this dojo where I learn karate, we need to take off our shoes and socks, bow before stepping into the dojo and say something in Japanese that means ‘I will try my hardest’.

The sensei told us because we are new we have to follow as closely as we can to what the other people were doing.

The first thing I felt like doing was being shy, but I learn’t there was no need to be shy after the lesson because it just makes the lesson even worse.

I learned two kicks and three blocks.

When you learn karate, always remember to not use karate on people you hate just because they are nasty to you and only use karate as a last resort.

So, don’t make the same mistake of being shy that I did. Do your best the first time!

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