My First Karate Lesson

It was a pleasant, cool evening in Sydney.  My dad had dropped me and my younger sister off at the karate school (the ‘dojo’ ).  This was to be a trial lesson for me and my sister, as we had never had any martial arts lesson before.

I was quite nervous when I got to the dojo. Me and my sister were the only people there without a white uniform.

I was so nervous I forgot about trying to get accepted into the class or even saying ‘ hello’ to people. My thoughts kept whirling around. Am I looking weird? What do people think of me? I kept thinking about that and, the true answer is: Everybody was friendly and helpful and were not worried about how I looked.  In fact, they all were dressed like me and were totally new to the environment when they started out.

I learnt two kicks and two blocks during my first lesson. Mostly I was watching others and they kept giving me weird looks. Probably thinking Did I do that right? Am I being a complete bozo in front of everyone? am I trying hard enough? I’ll bet everyone was thinking that, even the sensei.

The sensei (teacher) is the person who gives instructions and teaches everyone else in the class.

When you first enter the dojo, make sure you have taken your shoes off and you bow.  This shows your respect for the dojo, the sensei and your fellow karate students.

Well, don’t make the same mistake I did when you get your first lesson; give it all you’ve got, really I mean it.  Do not worry about how you look – everybody is there to learn karate.  If everybody was there to look good they would be going to modeling school instead.

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  1. Sanyukta Aggarwal says:

    Good to read a post from that point of view!! Thankfully I never had to feel like that because I was among the first to join when our sensei opened a new dojo…..and there were just 2 others with me!! But there were many new people later, and as the senior of the class it has fallen to me to ensure they learn well. Now I know what someone feels like when they join, and I’ll be able to connect better!! Thank you!

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