My fifth karate lesson

Are you enjoying karate? Well I am. I learnt a Kata and a new kick today.  When you spar, it is a good idea to keep your hands up as in hands at your shoulder and face level.

Don’t hit people in the head, and always pay attention in class, I certainly don’t want to do 10 extra push ups! I’ll do loads of things to avoid push ups.
Anyway, I wasn’t feeling too well, I had a headache and it hurt my head to walk and jump, still, I went to karate, because there was a little voice in my head: Don’t let excuses stop you! So I listened to that voice and went to karate class. But there is one thing you should know too: Don’t go to karate class if you have a fever or can’t move at all.

There is one thing you should remember: You should always listen to what’s inside of you. You can’t be wrong. Well, don’t really count on it in a maths test or something, use your brain!

If you want to get really good at karate, I suggest you start by practicing everything you know for one hour everyday or as long as you can. I do it at school sometimes. Blocking while I walk and going to a very deserted area that is not an out-of-bounds area and practice there. Once I even hit my foot on the brick wall, it hurt, so you don’t want to try that.

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