Motion Sickness

Hello Everyone!

Today I shall talk about motion sickness (not like, going on a boat and well, throwing up or anything).

Many of us just go through the motions when we do karate. But doing that will not get us up to the championships OR being able to defend yourself. Just think, if someone delivers a powerful punch, and you just kinda move your arm without any real strength, your gonna get hit pretty badly.

You’d think “Oh yeah. I already know that” but seriously, there are a LOT of kids in our dojo that do that. They just go with the flow, without any sharp techniques and believe it or not, some of the senior students do that too sometimes, which is pretty hard to imagine.

I just thought I’d remind everyone about the importance of sharp techniques and how you should not go through the motions because 1. It drives senseis crazy to remind you all the time and 2. It is better to practice like this as well.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s better to just motion, such as when you’re practicing on the side or just before a round in a tournament and you don’t want to tire yourself out, but, generally, take it seriously – go fast, slow and strong in your katas ‘cos one day it might just save a life.


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