A typical lesson for a yellow belt

The first thing I do when I come in to the Dojo is bowing in.

After bowing in we do a class warm up. Some warm up things we do are half sit-ups (about twenty sit-ups, rotating our wrists (or hips) or spreading out our legs down the middle and try to get our elbows or head to the ground. After a warm up I feel like rubber band and sort of tired and very very hot.

After the warm up we go through the basic stuff like blocks, kicks, punches and stances. When I do those things I feel like an expert at karate (sort of because there are a lot of white belts around :)). Next we go through some Kata, fighting techniques or both (we are either learning more or doing stuff that we already know how to do so that we don’t forget how or polish it up a bit). When I learn stuff in karate I make a few mistakes and even with stuff that’s really easy and I know it, I STILL make really funny mistakes.

Last we do some sparring (play fighting). Practicing sparring is very important in karate because it is like your enemy is right in front of you (your sparring partner). When I do sparring I always have to make sure my hands are up. Also I always need to be careful to not make contact with my sparring partner. After all, we are sparring, not really fighting.

These are normally the things I do in the Dojo every training day with my sister.
At the end of class we bow out. And at the next training session……..

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