Konnichiwa, Karate-nerds!

In this post I would like to talk about perseverance, something that is incredibly important when practicing a martial art (or anything in general)
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A typical lesson for a yellow belt

The first thing I do when I come in to the Dojo is bowing in.
After bowing in we do a class warm up. Some warm up things we do are half sit-ups (about twenty sit-ups, rotating our wrists (or hips) or spreading out our legs down the middle and try to get our elbows or head to the ground. After a warm up I feel like rubber band and sort of tired and very very hot.

After the warm up we go through the basic stuff like blocks, kicks, punches and stances. When I do those things I feel like an expert at karate (sort of because there are a lot of white belts around :)). Next we go through some Kata, fighting techniques or both (we are either learning more or doing stuff that we already know how to do so that we don’t forget how or polish it up a bit). When I learn stuff in karate I make a few mistakes and even with stuff that’s really easy and I know it, I STILL make really funny mistakes.

Last we do some sparring (play fighting). Practicing sparring is very important in karate because it is like your enemy is right in front of you (your sparring partner). When I do sparring I always have to make sure my hands are up. Also I always need to be careful to not make contact with my sparring partner. After all, we are sparring, not really fighting.

These are normally the things I do in the Dojo every training day with my sister.
At the end of class we bow out. And at the next training session……..

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How To Get Your Yellow Belt

If you are expecting to get a new belt or a tip you will need to go through a grading. A grading is a test that could include:point sparring , Kata and showing fighting techniques to the Sensei. When I had my first grading I was very nervous(obviously) and I had butterflies in my tummy. Still,when the Sensei called me and my big sister up to do some fighting techniques (in front of the whole class!) it was pretty nerve racking but when we were finished I felt so free and awesome. So when you are doing a grading don’t try to panic too much and always give it your strongest and best shot.

I thought it was an amazing experience and I never thought I would feel so good afterwards.

The Yellow Belt Jodan Kata

The kata we had to do is called Jodan.  Jodan Kata is basically a mix of punches to the face and Jodan blocks in a big I shape. Don’t forget the kia at each third punch in the line or the breathing in from the nose and out from the mouth.

Here’s a video of the Jodan Kata that we had to do for our yellow belt.  Can you see the blocks and the punches?  It feels great when you can do these, and they are not too hard.

Hope you enjoyed the video.  Drop us a comment and let us know.  Feel free to point out what we can improve in our karate techniques, too.  After all, we’re still learning 🙂

I can’t wait to learn more advanced katas and fighting techniques.  Watching the higher belt people practice their katas looks so awesome.  But even being a yellow belt, just above white already feels very cool!

Hope that’s helpful if you’re looking for how to get your yellow belt.

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Why do you do knuckle push-ups in karate?

Knuckle Push ups are good because they help your knuckles get stronger. Drinking milk would also help to make your bones stronger and your punches would be stronger too.

Knuckle push ups also help you make the skin on your knuckles stronger, so that, when you punch, you won’t get cut or hurt as easily.

You know your foot, the hard bit, it is quite hard to cut that part open by kicking someone else isn’t it?

So that’s why it is good to do knuckle push ups, so that you can hurt the person that you are punching more! The downsides are that your knuckles will probably not be as silky or smooth. But, when your tough skin saves you one day, I think it’ll definetly be worth it. Right or wrong?

It is also good to give harder punches, for example, if someone were to punch you with silky smooth, soft, thin skin and hands, it would hurt, right, not imagine someone with tough and thick skin, it would probably hurt a little more, wouldn’t it.

So, the tougher your knuckles get, the stronger your punches become and always remember WHY you are doing martial arts, there is no point in doing anything if you don’t have a reason to do it. HOW you are going to do it and WHEN you want to be a black belt by.

The Dangers of Knuckle Push-Ups

The bad thing about knuckle push-ups is that, well, it hurts. You may also get arthritis in your knuckle joints as you grow old. I have not found a definite answer if this is really true, but you may want to take care not to overdo it.

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Why do you bow so much in Karate class?

This is of course a question: Why do you bow a lot in karate class? In this article I will answer that very question. Continue reading

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What I learnt at karate

It was a plain day when our dad dropped us at the dojo.

We took off our shoes and socks, bowed and entered.

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My fifth karate lesson

Are you enjoying karate? Well I am. I learnt a Kata and a new kick today.  When you spar, it is a good idea to keep your hands up as in hands at your shoulder and face level.

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What to watch out for when you are sparring

Okay, so today, there are some things you should watch out for when you are sparring:

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My White Belt

I got my white belt today, and my uniform. Today I reckon you should remember these sentences.

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How to count from one to ten in Japanese

At some stage in your early karate career, you will need to learn how to count from one to ten in Japanese.  In this article I will share with you how to do so. I will also reveal the secret reason why we want to count in Japanese.

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